Friday, June 4, 2010

Kobe @ Lebron: Any questions?

If there was or is any question to who the best basketball player on the planet is, it was answered last night in game one of the NBA Finals. Not only did Kobe compete. Not only did Kobe hustle, shoot well, lead, rebound and so on, he won. His team did something that no one thought they'd be able to do, they punched the Boston Celtics in the mouth. The thing that stuck out to me most was the last shot taken by Kobe Bryant. Up by 9 or 10 points and the game clearly in hand, Kobe did what most people would call unsportsmanlike like. He shot and hit a 3 pointer right in the grill of Ray Allen. When most people would have been thinking dribble the time out, Kobe is thinking, Fuck you guys. This is payback from the last time we met. I don't like you. I'm better than you. Oh and this is a message to you too Lebron, I'm still the best player in the league and now I'm gonna do something that sets me even further apart from the other all-time greats, Average 30 points per game in the finals. Kobe, taking shots like this, when the game is over is the very reason why people dislike him. For me, shots like that is the very reason I love his game. This is war. This is personal. This is how I eat for a livin. This is what I do for a livin and I love it. Yes, I know averaging 30 plus in the finals has been done before, Wade, Jordan etc. Now Its Kobe's turn and I'm gonna enjoy every shot.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Lebron signaled us all!

Its Friday, one week after the hopes and dreams of The Cleveland Cavaliers were ended and and am reflecting on the situation. Lebron James signaled to us all that he was leaving months ago when he registered for his number change. Think about it, we all thought he was trying to keep up with Kobe in jersey sales, but no! He was telling us that the number 23 is retired where I will be playing next year so I'm going to prep you guys now for the move after the season. And and by the way, buy my jersey. Of course this is purely speculation and a damn good way to start convincing ones self to move.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Where Does Lebron James Go?

With the recent loss to the Boston Celtics, Lebron James, you know the guy that's dominating the sports airwaves currently has a major dilemma on his hands right now. Does he stay or does he go? After watching game 6 and his reaction afterwards, it’s a given. He has to go! If he stayed there it’d be another year of the same thing and I’ve got news for all Cavs fans, Orlando isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So assuming he goes, let’s talk about the possibilities.

Lebron to the Knicks-
This looks attractive, but who’s he gonna play with. Chris Bosh, David Lee and the misfits? His bench wouldn’t be there, his team wouldn’t be any better than Cleveland and it would take at least another 2 years of mediocre play for them to get enough players to beat Orlando in the East.

Lebron to the Bulls-
I like this play for him. He's got a young killer in Derrick Rose for a point guard. Nice role players, nice bench, plenty of shooters and defenders. With Lebron on that team right now they are title contenders and legitimate Orlando killers. Let Dwight Howard get his points and stop everyone else. With Lebron, this Chicago Bulls team has the length and quickness on the perimeter to do so. Can Lebron handle playing in the house that Jordan Built though? HMMMM

But what if Lebron pulled a flip move and said, “Wait a second, I can go anywhere I want. Why limit myself to the east coast or the Midwest”? What if Lebron went to the Trailblazers or the Mavericks? Depending on who each team would have to give up to get him, that could be nasty. Lebron, Roy, Camby , Aldridge, Miller, Webster, Fernandez, Bayless, Oden and Cunningham…God that’s scary. That’s real scary. Imagine with a healthy Oden, the dunks, defense, shooters and options Andre Miller would have to choose from. LOL Oh not to mention, Nate McMillan is a great coach. The fan base would love him there and he is far far away from Cleveland. The only problem is it’s small market Portland. He’s not gonna get the exposure he wants compared to a New York or a Miami etc.

What if Lebron went to the Mavericks? Again, Lebron, Butler, Dampier, Kidd, Haywood, Terry, Thomas and Marion. Not as attractive as the Trailblazers, but still it would be a considerable upgrade to what he has now. Could he handle playing for a slow down, methodical coach? I like Portland!

The Nets are attractive with the best shot at the first round draft pick, a good point guard, a great owner, a decent big man, add Lebron and one other max player to that team and they are contending in the East instantly. Plus he’s gonna be in New York in two years. Jay-Z is an owner/his boy, that could get him the look, the money and the titles he craves so badly and should be carefully considered.
Wherever he decides to go, the cameras will be watching, recording and waiting for any indication and as a sports fan so will I.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Michael Vick Take 2

Ok, so I missed the whole Michael Vick parade the last time out of respect for him and because of the attention he drew upon his release from prison. I still can't believe they sent this dude to prison, but here goes nothing. I can't stand it anymore. What the media is doing to this dude is ridiculous. What Peta is doing to this dude is ridiculous. If I were Mike Vick I would take whatever money I get from the next NFL contract I sign (foreshadowing) and start a low budget tell all expose website complete with video pictures and comments. What would I comment on? I'd comment on the lives of each and every last hypocrite employed and associated with Peta. If they fucked up, if they ate the back half of a cow on accident, if they smoked a freaking cigarette, I'd be there to stick my nose in it. I mean really, 2 years in federal prison for killing dogs?? Damn. Didn't I just read about Dante Stallworth killing someone last month while intoxicated and getting 30 days? Of which, he served like 24 of them? What the hell is that? Oh by the way, one ESPN Radio host actually defended him by saying, "In Dante's defense, the guy he hit was J-walking in an area where you usually wouldn't look for people." I don't care if he was flying in an area where people normally don't fly, he still killed someone while driving under the influence.

I love dogs and I love animals, but I'm not ready to send a man to prison over them. More importantly, for the media pundits, Peta and a few other respected former league players to say that this man needs to show remorse before being allowed to apply for reinstatement is preposterous. Um if 2 years of prison doesn't say, I've paid my debt to society. If having to sell a home doesn't say you've taken most of my cash, then what the hell does. Last time I checked, taking cash means covering a debt. I really think some of those Peta idiots should have thought about that before they went in on him the way they did. I understand making a name for themselves off the celebrity status Vick had, but that was a little overboard. I heard one radio talk show say and I quote, "it's not like the NFL has restricted his right to earn a living." Hmmmm, WTF else is this guy gonna do? Could you imagine him working in corporate America? Of course not because whatever corporation that hired him would be more worried about what they'd lose in profit instead of what they could do with his talent. Assuming he has talents besides running and throwing. If he bought a company, he'd have to be so far in the rear so no one would know that he owned it or risk losing his cash there too. Perhaps they'd like for him to sell himself out by promoting Peta and animal rights? Oh wait, I know. He's a football player, let him tryout for a freaking football team. Don't worry about what position he's gonna play. Stop worrying about what the fans are gonna think when he runs out onto the field because truth be told, some of your local media darlings are scoundrels when the lights are out and the cameras are off. Stop worrying about ongoing Peta tampering or anything backlash related. Grow a pair and take a chance on one of the most exciting athletes the league has seen. If he can't play, let his skills determine that, not the media dude that weighs 301 pounds and hasn't played ball since the 8Th grade.

Oh for those of you wondering, I am not one of these washed up talk radio/mad bloggers that takes pride on going hard at atheletes. I am an athelete myself. I'm 5'10, I weigh 209 pounds. I have an atheletic build. I work out 6 days a week. I run a 4.5 40 yard dash and I can dunk a basketball. I'm not one of you, so don't put me in that too fat to do it myself category. If you don't fit that category, please disregard that last paragraph.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Watching the NBA Free Agency Frenzy Makes Me Wonder, What The Hell Are They Doing?

As I sat back and watched the first and second rounds of free agency happen, I wondered what the hell some of these GM's were thinking about as they made the deals they made. For example, what the hell was Trevor Ariza thinking when he signed with Houston for just over 6 million a year? Dude, you just won a ring. If you are gonna go for dough, get dough, don't get mid-level money. What he should have done was sign a short term deal, 2 to 3 years in LA for whatever they wanted to offer, won another title or two and made his money through endorsements while building his stock up for that 10 mil plus payday. But that's neither here nor there at this point.

What the hell was Cleveland thinking by not going after Trevor Ariza hard? He would have been the perfect addition to the Lebron, Shaq and Mo show. He can defend, stretch the floor, finish and is on the rise. But that's neither here nor there as well.

What the hell was Turkalou(spelling i know) thinking by signing with Portland instead of resigning with Orlando? Let's see money and losses or less money and potential title runs. They could have added Vince Carter and kept him if he wasn't playing with his green thumb, but he decided to go to a young team with a sh*t load of talent, but no real chance of advancing past the 2ND round. I know the math might be off, but I would have forced my hand with management.

What the hell was Detroit thinking when they decided to pay Ben Gordon all that money when they have Rip and Stuckey? They needed to address their small forward/point guard issues, not get another 6-2 jump shooter. Not to mention letting Sheed go is gonna hurt, like it or not.

What the hell is up with this Boston vs Rondo vibe that's going around? If you guys can't work it out then that's just another title for my Lakers. The point is, that dude balls and is continuing to work on his game. In fact, besides Glenn Davis, I'd be willing to say he's the only Celtic working on his game. For all the other boys in green, your game looks the same to me. You need Rondo more than he needs you. Think about that. That dude could go to a team like Dallas and make them deadly because of the amount of shooters they have. Imagine him in Orlando with that team or God forbid Cleveland.

Big ups to Phoenix for getting ride of Shaq. That experiment was a disaster from the start and you knew it.

Big ups to Cleveland for getting Shaq. I'd rather pay him 17.1 million versus paying Ben Wallace 14 million any day.

Big ups to LA going after maniac Artest, who I feel will find a way to keep his head on straight as those wins pile up in LA.

Big ups to the Clippers for getting rid of the Zack the problem Randolph. They had to make room for Blake somehow right.

Big ups to San Antonio for going after Richard Jefferson and getting him to town before he got cold feet and bolted back to Milwaukee.

Sorry if I didn't include the moves made by some of your favorite teams. (Pacers) that just means that their off season acquisitions aren't a threat to my Lakers, so I didn't need to mention them.

Lastly, Doc Bus, please stop being selfish. Lamar, please stop feeling yourself and sign the contract. Truth be told, you are getting paid on talent and potential, but your work consistency needs some work. Another think, they don't make girls like Hayden Panettiere or Taraji Henson (the last two girls he's been associated with. Currently dating Taraji now) in Cleveland. You guys need each other, the dynasty is counting on you and here's why. Lamar, you aren't ready for Riles and the intensity that goes along with it in Miami. Remember, that's why you left in the first place. Despite what some of you Kobe haters might be thinking, Lamar is currently playing his best basketball and has achieved his most success with the mamba as a leader. So George Sedano, if you are reading this, take that. Kobe did something with Lamar that D-Wade couldn't do which is win. Doctor Bus, what the hell does your bench look like if Odom isn't on it leading the way? Who creates their own shot. If you are happy with no luck Luke Walton stinking up the joint and Sasha launching shots 2 seconds after he touches the ball then that's fine. The only good bench players you have are Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar. Benga, sucks. Josh Powell is still developing and everybody else isn't worth mentioning. Perhaps you see more PT for Adam Morrison this year. I don't. You guys need to get the deal done. Don't go to Miami. The chances of the Heat surviving the Eastern Conference and defeating Boston, Orlando and Cleveland are close to nil. Get it done and let's win another ring.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another one Gone before his time

OMFG is what I thought when I heard the news that Steve "Air" McNair had passed last week. With so much paraphoneminal activity going on in the world of sports and entertainment, I had to take a second to think about the words that were gonna come out of my mouth. Now that I've had that time and I've heard all the information there is to know at this time, I'll give my 2cents as well.

Regardless of what you may think of the situation. Regardless of what it says in the bible. Regardless of his current marriage status and his relationship with his children. Steve McNair was a bad dude. As a Colts fan, I hated to see the Titans on Sunday because I knew what was up. Steve McNair came to play and his teams came prepared to win. They came prepared to ram it down your throat. They came prepared to cut your heart. The leader of this team: Steve McNair. The guy that we all called the next Randle Cunningham. The guy that threw for insane yards at Alcorn St. while I was in highschool and then ran for touchdowns too. He was Vick before Vick. The guy that ran over linebacks while fighting for that last yard. Oh, I forgot to mention, he did that with cracked ribs. He was tough as nails. Something i didn't know about Steve McNair though, he was a heck of a community guy. He tried to help. He tried to make a difference with young people. He wanted to leave behind something for people that came from where he did to grab a hold of. Regardless of what you may think happened in that room the day he was murdered, Or how you feel about his extra-marital affairs, he was a good guy and we shouldn't as sports fans lose sight of that. Let's remember the records he broke and the titles he won and the victories he shared and the excitement we felt while he was alive when we think of Steve McNair. Let's pray for Steve McNair's family. Let's pray for the young girls family that was found also.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shaq to the Cavs? Did I hear that right?

I just read this mornings USA Today and in the sports section it read, Cavs are near reaching a deal that would move Shaquille O'Neal to the Cleveland Cavaliers to play along side of Lebron James and Mo Williams. My response to that is, "So what!" That wasn't news worthy in my opinion. This deal has been in the works since the all-star game. The only people that will be happy about this live in Cleveland. The rest of us are already aware of what type of player and person Shaq is. When will people admit that he is and has been for quite sometime, on the downswing of what was a great career? Shaq wasn't the reason the Miami Heat won their first NBA title, it was D-Wade, Alonzo Mourning, Antoine Walker and more D-Wade. Now he's gonna break the spirits of the already broken hearted Cleveland Cavalier fans again by coming to town, pretending to like their city, pointing at his ring finger or raising a number 5. The media will eat it and love it and start asking questions like, who's team is it, yours or Lebrons? Or are you guys co-pilots? You get where I'm going with this...

Cleveland fan should be asking these types of questions. In fact Cleveland GM's should be asking these types of questions.

1.) Does Shaq help the Cavs get past the Celtics next year? Probably and that's only because they didn't keep James Posey.

2.) Does having Shaq help them beat Orlando? No, especially if Dwight Howard develops any kind of post move what so ever. Hell no if D-Howard learns how to shoot face up jump shoots like Patrick Ewing did.

3.) Is Big Z the reason Cleveland lost to the Magic? NO again. The answer to that would be their lack of a scoring 2 guard and a consistent threat at the 4 spot. Oh and you might want to look at the coach.

4.) Has Lebron ever had anyone challenge his thrown and how will he react if Shaq does? No and the answer is interesting. I think he'll be fine, but Shaq won't.

I hate to say it, but this trade isn't gonna work. At the end of the day, my main man Kobe will be hoisting another gold ball!

What they should be doing is using some of those expiring contracts to someone that has a plethora of 2 guards. If Cleveland is that bent on doing a deal with Phoenix, how about getting the real Christmas present Lebron needs named Amare. Then we'd have something to write about.